If you have decided to raise your own chickens, then your decision is probably based on the fact that you are aware that there can be many benefits associated with raising your own flock. Not only can chickens make good pets, they can also save you money in a numerous amount of ways and even teach the young ones discipline and the art and reward of completing chores.

why you need to raise your own chicken

The first and most obvious reason for raising your own chickens would be that you get your own free, fresh eggs right out of your back yard. Nearly every household uses eggs in one way or another. Whether it be for cooking or maybe even games or holidays. Most people are always looking for ways to obtain the freshest, most organic products. Harvesting your own eggs from your backyard is a great way to begin the process of going organic. On top of saving your money, you can even earn a little extra money, as well, by selling your extra eggs. Simply put up a sign in your front yard and let the customers and extra bucks pour in.

Another great way to save money would be to harvest your own chickens. Two ways to do this would be to hatch your own chicks and sell them or raise them up and reap them for meat. Some people may think the second option is a bit extreme and may not be able to handle this daunting task. If this is the case, you may be relieved to know that there are butchers that will do it for you for at a surprisingly low price.  Even if you decide to take your chickens to a butcher, instead of doing it yourself, you will still save more money this way, versus buying pre-processed chicken from your local grocery store. Also, keep in mind that harvesting your own chickens is another way to add to your organic repertoire.

There are several other smaller, less obvious benefits of having your own chickens.  One of those would be the fact that raising them requires a repetition of chores that can help your children gain responsibility and discipline by taking care of your flock.  You will want to feed and water them every day and be sure that, if they are laying hens, to keep their eggs boxes clean. Also, having your own chickens means that you automatically have your own homemade fertilizer. Chicken feces produces a great fertilizer for your vegetable or flower garden. Something else that may not be as noticeable would be the fact that chickens make for great bug exterminators.  Chickens peck continuously all day, searching and scratching for bugs and some greenery. Chickens can even be a great organic defense against bugs in your garden.  Instead of using potentially harmful pest repellents, allowing your chickens to ‘graze’ around your garden is a great way to keep the bugs at bay. Be aware, though, that they may try to sneak a quick snack from your veggies as well.

Keeping all of these useful benefits in mind, if you weren’t considering raising your own chickens before, you may have changed your mind by now. And if this is the case, then you might be interested in taking a look at some beautiful chicken house designs to begin your healthy journey with.